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Is your company up for the challenge?

From Fortune 500 companies to small start up teams, My Virtual Mission is a web/mobile app that will get your people moving and enable you to live your company’s health and wellness values.

Simply set up a route between two parts of the world and then work towards completing this “mission” with each exercise session. Your employees can participate as individuals or in teams making it fun and engaging.

Choose our award winning platform to run/walk/cycle/swim along any virtual pathway imaginable. Virtually, anything is possible!

We’ve got you sorted!

  • Super easy to get started

    Get started in minutes using our intuitive mapping and planning tools. Minimal administration required once set up.

  • Each group member has their own log in

    Making it easy for each group member to enter their own distances = less time spent on admin!

  • Two types of challenges to choose from

    Either work together as a team to complete the mission or set up a competition and race to the finish line.

  • Perfect for large or small groups

    From small work from home teams of two, to large multinational corporations with thousands of employees.

  • Access your mission from anywhere

    Easy access to the mission for your whole team though our iPhone, Android and web apps.

  • Dedicated account manager

    Get personalized set up assistance and ongoing support should you ever need it.

Features that your employees will love, love, love!

Graphs and data tables are boring!

My Virtual Mission turns mundane data sets into engaging visual representations of progress towards a goal.

You team will love seeing their progress on the map and checking out their surrounds at each location.

They can view live weather information and images as well as seeing themselves on Google Streetview as they advance along the mission path.

Virtual fitness office challenge

Drive participation and engagement

Foster team work or create a fun competitive environment for your participants with either of our two mission types to increase buy in from your personnel.

Each person can keep up to date with progress. Stats include:

  • Overall completion percentage
  • Total distance
  • Exercise type and distance for each type
  • Overall contribution to the mission (If mission is “all for one” type)

Sync distances from other fitness apps and trackers

Activities can be sent automatically to your mission via our range of connected apps and trackers.

Apple Watch | Fitbit |iPhone| Strava | Runkeeper | Under Armour

This makes it super easy for people to be engaged with the mission.

Distances can also be entered manually.

*  Please ask if you have a particular connection in mind that is not listed here

Use case scenarios


Your team will love going on a virtual adventure either as a race or by working together.


Integrate a mission as part of your companies corporate wellness program to increase employee health and productivity.


Raise funds for a local cause or a charity with our built in fundraising feature (optional).

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